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Christchurch earthquakes, 2011

Following the February 22nd, 2011, earthquake in Christchurch, NZ, I started to work with a colleague, Melanie Mark-Shadbolt, looking at how the disaster impacted on Maori in the city. We soon expanded on that initial project to investigate the concept of resilience. The concepts of resilience and resistance combine through many Indigenous strategies of self-determination and emergency responses. I hope this site contributes in some small way to a better understanding and wider appreciation of what Indigenous communities contribute to reducing the risks from future disasters.

Indigenous responses to urban disaster: Maori and the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes

Interviews with Maori first responders and managers in the Christchurch CBD on the day of the biggest disaster to hit NZ in three generations.

Photo: Gillian Needham

Indigenous Resilience

The concept of resilience soon became a catchphrase for the city of Christchurch in the recovery period. However, few researchers examined the concept in any depth, particularly as it applied to the urban Indigenous communities. This project sought to dig down into who was doing well, and who was not, and identify causal conditions for Maori in 12 months following the disaster.

Photo: Warwick Smith (Manawatu Hearld)

Maori mental health: networks of support 

Networks of support in the post-disaster landscape around a Maori mental health community. 

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