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Latest publication on Indigenous Knowledge

Proud to have just published an article in AlterNative looking at how Maori traditional knowledge holders maintain a practice of "watchfulness" over their traditional lands and waters and the ecosystems therein.

Indigenous communities will interpret their vulnerablities as risks to their cultures in addition to their physical, financial, and social wellbeings. The experts these communities have trained and defer to are adept at holding and using diverse approaches to understanding the world around them. Indigenous communities play by similar rules as science communities, valuing expertise and experience, being firmly transparent on attribution, wanting to secure and protect data, and wanting to disseminate and teach.

Acknowledgement of IK in DRR at UN, regional and national levels must now move beyond rhetoric and be matched by resources, official support, empowered engagement, safe opportunities, and appropriate action at community levels.

Lambert and Mark-Shadbolt (2021)
Download PDF • 166KB

Link here

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