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Gender-based Solutions to Improve the Climate Change Adaption and Global Governance

Friend and research Dr. Lun Yin was recently interviewed by China Focus on his project examining climate change and particularly the role of women in protecting local natural resources.

For the local Tibetan women, biodiversity was not only a resource problem, but also a social and cultural phenomenon. And the impact of climate change on biodiversity resources is not only an environmental problem, but also an issue of spirit and belief.

The project was among those selected from more than 800 global applications and was showcased at the Second Paris Peace Forum. In August 2020, the project was again selected out from 850 others for the third Paris Peace Forum. As Dr Lun acknowledges, "This is not my personal success, but the result of the joint efforts of the entire project team," and he thanks members of the project team from Kenya, France and China for their diverse cultural backgrounds.

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