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Canadian govt must work with Indigenous communities to mitigate climate disasters...

The evidence keeps accumulating; it is no longer (only) a question of Indigenous rights, Treaty relationships, and Indigenous peoples holding the moral high ground but literally Indigenous Knowledges and communities having the insight and practical ability to protect and save lands, waters, and people including non-Indigenous neighbors and fellow citizens.

Canada is at the forefront of climate change, perhaps only fair as this vast country is also home to 60% of the worlds mining companies and still expects to pay for the climate change from the proceeds of resource extraction. #CakeEatingcake

Indigenous communities are truly in the frontlines: "According to Natural Resources Canada, predominantly Indigenous communities accounted for 48% of the communities evacuated due to wildfires between 1980 and 2021 even though Indigenous people make up just 5% of Canada's population."

Dr Amy Christianson has been researching this for years, check out her latest interviews, link below...


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