Covid 19 in the Americas

in September 2020, PAHO held a series of seminars in which Indigenous voices spoke of their communities experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Experiences were varied, with data showing some communities suffering high infection rate mortalities, others very low.

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Serious concerns are held by many representatives and medical experts as the pandemic shows no sign of slowing down and is continuing to spread.


Dr. Jill Jim (Executive Director, Navajo Department of Health) gave some harrowing figures from the Navajo Nation...


Two reps from the Association of First Nations in Canada (Judith Eigenbrod, Covid-19 Task Force Lead, Marlene Larocque, Sr. Policy Advisor and Public Health lead)  gave an overview which showed just 0.1% of the on-reserve data population positive, compared to 0.38% of total Canadians.

Concerns were mental health and addictions, food security, education, access to health services, youth, community members with disabilities, Elders, and delayed grieving.

We know that the Northern-Inter-Tribal Health Authority are reporting very low numbers in most of the Saskatchewan north, which is 80% Indigenous.

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Of course there is a long way to and Indigenous communities continue to be vulnerable to Covid 19.